Our Dubai Real Estate Investment Scheme is a crowdfunding real estate investment scheme for members of Perfection Real Estate Wealth Club

Your investment into the scheme makes you an investor and shareholder in the venture capital trust for the purpose of investing in the Dubai real estate market and also secures your membership of our real estate wealth club.

One investment unit is $5,000 USD which can be done in multiples and can be paid up over a 24month period.

The initial subscription deposit to reserve and secure your space is $250 USD.

Outright and immediate payment is $4,750 USD per unit of investment.

Return On Investment (ROI):
– 10% to 20% or more annually
– When to expect ROI – 12months from date of investment.

For the purpose of transparency, we have an online portal ( where each investor can access his/her member area for updates and to monitor how well their investment is doing.

Our Dubai office address:
Office 105, Al Khallfi Building,
Al Mamzar, Dubai