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About the company

Perfection Real Estate Group is a core real estate investment and development company with a vision “To Empower people through real estate”.

We are a one-stop real estate consortium that seek to innovate and provide solutions to the real human problems in the real estate sector.

We run on three major platforms as follows:

1.) The Wealth Platform:
Under our Wealth Platform we have a Real Estate Wealth Club which operate by Membership and 6 Real Estate Investment Offers.

Your membership of our real estate wealth club makes you a real estate investor and our aim here is to encourage participation in the global real estate sector in form of investing in real estate opportunities for wealth creation and attainment of financial freedom by members of our Real Estate Wealth Club.

2.) The Trade Platform:
Under our Trade Platform we have the Perfection Estate concept.

This is meant to address the need of our investors and clients who are more interested in housing, land acquisition and home ownership.

Perfection Estate is located in different strategic real estate investment destinations across Nigeria where housing, lands and homes are on sale.

3.) The Empowerment Platform:
Our empowerment platform drives you towards becoming a High Networth Individual through our Ambassadorship Program which makes you a distributor of real estate wealth with guaranteed increase in your economic fortune and lifestyle.

Perfection Real Estate Group is a 21st century compliant company that welcomes innovation, collaboration, networking, synergy, good corporate citizenship and thinking sustainable development in our approach to business.

Our Products & Services

Real Estate Investment Offers

This is aimed at providing a platform for you to participate in the global real estate sector for wealth creation and the attainment of financial freedom through real estate.

Land Investment Offers

This is aimed at encouraging you towards Land acquisition for wealth creation, secured future economy and generational wealth transfer.

Exceptional Home Offers

This is aimed at making it as easy as possible for you to acquire your own home or invest in providing comfortable homes for others.

Ambassadorship Certification

This is aimed at driving you towards becoming a High Networth Individual through the distribution of real estate wealth with guaranteed increase in your economic fortune and lifestyle.

Real Estate Wealth Academy

A real estate capacity development institution whose objective is to demystify real estate through our various courses and training platform.

One Stop Real Estate Consortium

Explore What We Are Doing Better

The PERFECTION ESTATE concept is a national real estate project that provide opportunities, possibilities and a platform to invest in lands, infrastructure development, building projects, home ownership as well as income generating real estate business system.




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Our Projects

Our Team

‘’Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re usually done by a team of people.’’ – Steve Jobs
At Perfection Real Estate Group we are grateful for having the best hands in various sub-departments working in sync to make our laudable vision a reality.

Our team’s sub-departments include; Administration, Media, Operations, Verification, Legal, and Learning & Development.

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If you are looking for a platform to ehance your Real Estate Marketing skills, then Perfection Real Estate Group is the place to be. I've been able to close deals I never expected. Thanks to PREG
Akin - Toyinbo Accountant
It has been a superb experience in the journey with Perfection Real Estate Group, especially the educative part. I've really learnt so much about Real Estate in the 6 months of joint this network
Ogechi - Nwokolo Business Owner
Contact Us
Address: 1, Bola Street, King Solomon Hospital,
Anthony Village, Lagos
Custom Help Line: 08037280004, 08182447320
Working Time: Mon–Fri: 08:am–05:pm

A core real estate development, investment, marketing and project management company. Perfection Assets are the developers and project managers of Silver Spring Peninsula in Ikorodu Lagos State and Perfection Cooperative Estates in their different locations in Lagos State and beyond.

This is an initiative aimed at addressing the economic and housing problem of the average Nigerian through collaboration, networking and synergy using real estate investment as the main vehicle to achieve financial freedom.

An international development company specializing in the construction and delivery of affordable mass housing unit through the deployment of modern day building technology

An academy that is dedicated to teaching real estate entrepreneurship and wealth creation through real estate education and awareness creation to raise a generation of entrepreneurship minded citizens.

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