Niyi Adeleye poised to raise 1m high net worth individuals.

Real estate is a lucrative industry that has been popular for years, and despite Nigeria’s current economic situation, the boom in the real estate industry has made it unaffected by the pandemic. The real estate industry is safe and secure, and if you’re looking to get into real estate in 2022, you need to get acquainted with our company, Perfection Real Estate


 Perfection Real Estate Group is a one-stop real estate consortium that seeks to innovate and provide solutions to the real human problems in the real estate sector.

Our vision is to empower people through real estate while our mission is to make home ownership and participation in the real estate sector more accessible to average person. Under our empowerment platform we have a mandate to raise one million High Networth Individuals between now and the 2030 through real estate.

In order to give physical expression to our vision and mission we have come up with the concept of Perfection Estate, a national real estate project that provides opportunities, possibilities and a platform to invest in lands, infrastructure and building projects, home ownership as well as a well structured income generating business systems around it.


Our organization has contributed quite a lot in the creation of jobs in all ramifications and by that I do not mean only jobs for our direct employees, we also engage services of various professionals and artisans, we also have a culture of contributing to the economy of all our host communities by engaging the youths in one form or the other in either the supply of our building materials, labour services and so on. We have also been good corporate citizen.

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