PERFECTION ESTATE Festac was conceived in fulfillment of our vision powered by PERFECTION REAL ESTATE GROUP which is “To make HOME OWNERSHIP and PARTICIPATION IN THE REAL ESTATE SECTOR more accessible to Nigerians.”

PERFECTION ESTATE Festac will be a gated estate community which will comprise of residential, commercial, educational, institutional, sporting and recreational facilities as well as excellent security system.

The Federal Government through the Federal Housing Authority has concession the reclamation and development of specific infrastructure like Road, Drainage System and Electricity over a 1126 hectares of land (known as Festac Phase 2) to New Festac Property Development Company Limited now working in conjunction with Perfection Real Estate Group for Perfection Estate Festac coming up within the Egolima District which is geographically positioned in between Festac Phase 1 and the proposed Imperial City project located within Festac Phase 2.

Egolima district is a proposed gated estate within the entire New Festac City (Festac Phase 2), having a total of One thousand (1000) plots of land which has been earmarked for PERFECTION ESTATE to be sold in combination of various sizes from a minimum of 250m2 up to 1000m2. The whole Egolima District will be fully serviced with all necessary infrastructure for residential dwelling and the sale prices are quoted as serviced plots to include road network and paving, drainages, street lights etc.

Egolima District is spans from the 7th Avenue in Festac which is fully developed neighborhood and in the heart of Lagos metropolis. The ongoing super expressway spanning from Lagos Island to Badagry town up to Seme Border with high speed railway makes the site an excellent choice for residential settlement.

Federal Government C of O plus Lagos State Governor’s Consent.

– Outright Payment = N25,000,000
– 6months payment spread = N27,500,000
– 12months payment spread = N30,000,000
– 18months payment spread = N32,500,000
– 24months payment spread = N35,000,000