In other to raise real estate entrepreneurs, real estate investors, wealth builders and real estate portfolio holders in one and immediately provide a platform of opportunities to practice what you’ve learnt and start earning instantly with our system. Irrespective of whether you are in regular employment or not, or whether you’ve been doing real estate business in one way or the other, Perfection Real Estate Group introduce this training is relevant to all.

Perfection Real Estate Wealth Academy lectures kicks off on Friday 2nd of August, 2019 and Saturday 3rd of August 2019 for weekend classes.

In case you don’t yet know, the academy is a practical training where apart from the teaching and knowledge acquisition, you are given the environment and a system that allows you implement the knowledge acquired immediately and you know what?… You can start making money immediately irrespective of whether you are in a regular employment or already doing business.

Being very excited to have so many already registered and ready to be impacted, we Spoke with the President of Perfection Real Estate Group, Mr Adeniyi Adeleye, about his view about this, and in his speach, He said….

“Every human activities revolves around real estate and so every living human being cannot afford to be ignorant about real estate.

As some may think, our academy is not meant for only core real estate practitioners and entrepreneurs but a buffet of real estate knowledge that gives you the capacity to do business with real estate (which is optional), become an educated real estate investor having skills set to analyse and take decisions for investments in real estate. That’s not all, making money is different from wealth creation, at the academy, the art of wealth creation using real estate as a vehicle will be delivered into your hands and what more… when you will look back after some years you will see how this knowledge has empowered you to be a holder of many real estate portfolio.

At the end of the course, you get:

  • Free membership of Perfection Real Estate Wealth Club
  • You become certified and accredited ambassador for Perfection Real Estate Group
  • Customised materials like call cards, fliers etc (optional)
  • Online training materials and videos at your disposal.
  • Opportunities to practice what you learn and start earning immediately with our system.

Our purpose is to raise real estate entrepreneurs, Investors, Wealth Builders and portfolio holders all in one taking you from where you are on a journey to financial freedom.”

Do not say you didn’t hear about this, do not be part of finger biters for not taking prompt decision.

Enroll Now at: Perfectionwealthacademy

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