United Nation Report on Nigeria’s population over Real Estate

The UN department of economics and social affairs has predicted that by the year 2050 Nigeria will be the third largest in the world among countries with the largest population coming behind China and India.

-The current population of Nigeria is 200,416,053 as of Monday, May 27, 2019,
based on the latest United Nations estimates.
-Nigeria population is equivalent to 2.6% of the total world population.
-Nigeria ranks number 7 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population.
-The population density in Nigeria is 221 per Km2 (571 people per mi2).
-The total land area is 910,770 Km2 (351,650 sq. miles)
-51.9 % of the population is urban (104,282,822 people in 2019)
-The median age in Nigeria is 17.9 years.

This means that the 923,768km2 that makes up the land mass of Nigeria will not change but the average space per km2 available to the average Nigerian will greatly reduce which will result into serious demand for real estate, a BIG lead to BIG opportunities for those who will do the necessary things to possess tomorrow today.
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