Invest and Cashout Land Banking Scheme.

Invest and Cashout Land Banking Scheme

The Invest and Cashout Land Banking Scheme is simply about tying your money to land within PERFECTION ESTATE at a particular price per square metre today and cashout big when the price of land must have greatly appreciated in value and at a much more higher price and in high demand after 3, 5 or more years down the line.

For example, you invested the sum of N20,000 into 20 square metres of land (20 units) at PERFECTION ESTATE at the rate of N1,000 per square metre today and then 3, 5 or more years down the line the price per square metre has become N10,000, what this invariably means is that for every N1,000 that you invested 3, 5 or more years ago, you are going to get back N10, 000 which means N10,000 x 20 square metres = N200,000.

You can cashout at 300%, 500%, 1000%, 2000% and even more depending on time and general speed of development both within and outside PERFECTION ESTATE strategic locations in different states of Nigeria.

You can invest daily, weekly, monthly and even at your own pace because all you need is the price per square metre of your desired location.

You can eventually get to a point of owning land as you keep growing your investment units at your own pace until it becomes big enough for you to request for physical allocation of land at PERFECTION ESTATE in your chosen location.

The INVEST AND CASHOUT LAND BANKING SCHEME is powered by our real estate wealth club registered as PERFECTION REAL ESTATE INVESTORS COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD, an independent membership based real estate club with the sole purpose of wealth creation through real estate investment for the benefit of members.

This is an initiative aimed at addressing the economic and housing problems of the average Nigerian through collaboration, networking and synergy using real estate as the main vehicle driving towards the attainment of financial freedom and at least a home for each and every member at PERFECTION ESTATE.

The PERFECTION ESTATE concept is a national real estate project that provide opportunities, possibilities and a platform to invest in lands, infrastructure development, building projects, home ownership as well as income generating real estate business system.

PERFECTION ESTATES will be gated estate communities which will comprise of residential, commercial, educational, institutional, sporting, recreational facilities and excellent security systems.

OUR CORE PURPOSE is to empower people (financially and with knowledge) and to provide solutions to the real human problems in the real estate sector while OUR ULTIMATE GOAL is financial freedom for each and every member through real estate wealth.

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