The OWN-TO-RENT REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT SCHEME is all about investing to own fully finished and furnished One Bedroom Apartments at PERFECTION ESTATE Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria for the purpose of renting them out on short lets and earning monthly rental income therefrom.

Your ownership structure of the one bedroom apartments can be fractional or whole. Fractional in the sense that you can share the ownership of a single one bedroom apartment with others and whole in the sense that you can be the sole owner of the same apartment.

There will be first class professional hospitality, facility and property managers that will handle the process of provision of excellent hospitality services, facility maintenance and rent collection for onward remittance to owners on monthly basis.

Your monthly rental income (ROI) is so good you can recoup your investment within 7years unlike the average 13years that it takes to recoup capital on residential properties in Nigeria.

Your main Principal Capital (apart from your rental income) still remains intact and will definitely appreciate over time up to 500%, 1000% or even more because as the value of the main property appreciate from time to time same applies to your Principal Capital.

The tenure of ownership of your property is for life and can be transferred to your next of kin except it is realised in form of sale to a third party.

UNITS OF INVESTMENT = N3,000,000/unit
This can be invested in multiples and can be paid up within 6 months.

The OWN TO RENT REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT SCHEME is powered by our real estate wealth club registered as PERFECTION REAL ESTATE INVESTORS COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD, a membership based real estate club with the sole purpose of wealth creation through real estate investment for the benefit of members.

This is an initiative aimed at addressing the economic and housing problems of the average Nigerian through collaboration, networking and synergy using real estate as the main vehicle driving towards the attainment of financial freedom and at least a home for each and every member at PERFECTION ESTATE.

The PERFECTION ESTATE concept is a national real estate project that provide opportunities, possibilities and a platform to invest in lands, infrastructure development, building projects, home ownership as well as income generating real estate business system.

PERFECTION ESTATES will be gated estate communities which will comprise of residential, commercial, educational, institutional, sporting, recreational facilities and excellent security systems.

OUR CORE PURPOSE is to empower people (financially and with knowledge) and to provide solutions to the real human problems in the real estate sector while OUR ULTIMATE GOAL is financial freedom for each and every member through real estate wealth.

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