Its no longer news that Nigeria has over 17 million housing deficit and it will cost tens of trillions
of Naria to bridge the gap.Nigeria is said to need not less than 700,000 affordable housing
units per annum for over 20 years to catch up significantly but the truth is Nigeria currently
delivers less than 100,000 units per annum thus making all efforts at housing supply like a drop in the Ocean.

Furthermore, a careful examination of the purchasing power of the average Nigerian shows
that the economic power of the vast population of Nigerian has been greatly eroded due to
unstable economic conditions from time to time thus making it difficult to afford a home let
alone invest in the real estate sector.

Therefore, the concepts solutions as provided by PERFECTION REAL ESTATE GROUP was
born out the need and passion to tackle these myriad of challenges in the real estate sector of
the Nigeria economy.

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